Kurzgeschichten und Gedichte: Kleine Alltäglichkeiten

Kleine Alltäglichkeiten.

(Kurzgeschichten und Gedichte)

Eine literarische Reise durch alle Genres.


Sujetverlag, Bremen 2014.

 Jacqueline Roussety


Small things of everyday


(Short stories and poems)

A literary journey through the different genres.

Sujetverlag, Bremen




Jacqueline Roussety tells the stories of different people, their thoughts, feelings and how they experience life every day. This book has a story/poem of a Berlin girl, that deals with her and her great-grandmother’s life, a gypsy boy who finds something completely different in his search for his grandfather, a Young Turkish woman who feels torn between the two cultures, a woman who is invited to her own funeral and a family that suddenly gets an unexpected expansion.


A poetic-literary journey that invites you to dream and think.